Welcome to Primal Tech Bows

A Modern Link To A Primitive Past

There is a certain feeling you get when you pick up a traditional bow. There is something deep in your core that connects you to the bow and everything around you. There is something Primitive inside each of us that pulls at our inner most being. It is a longing that can only be filled by picking up a bow and feeling the string tighten in you fingers as your muscles tighten and brings you to anchor, and the arrow takes flight on its way to its destination! Whether you shoot as a pass time or are a die hard hunter our goal here at Primal Tech Bows is to help you fill that desire with the bow of your dreams. 

Something For Everyone

 We currently offer 2 styles of bows in a wide range of lengths and options. Our 1 and 2 piece is a mildly aggressive deflex/reflex design. It  has a wonderful balance of smoothness, quietness, and speed without sacrificing stability. It is offered in lenghts from 58"-64" in 2" increments and weight from 30-90# . The 2 piece is made with a carbon fiber and fiberglass sleeve. It is the strongest most reliable system I know of. Then there is our 3 piece model. The concept for this bow was inspired by me wanting a bow that would be easy to travel with and still meet our strick requirements. After several years of research and development this is what we believe is the best combination of everything we wanted out of a 3 piece bow. it is offered in lengths from 60"-64" and weights from 30#-75#  

Tell Us What You Want

 When you order a bow from Primal Tech Bows we want it to be a truly custom experience! From the basics to the smallest details we want your input! Tell us what your expectations and wants are and we will customize your bow to your requirments! We will build you a bow that will last you for many many years and something that you will be proud of!!